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IMPORTANT: Lower levels of sequence data in BAM format are located at the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub). Please visit the Data Access Tiers page for information on how to apply for access.
If you plan to download data, we highly recommend using the Annotations Manager search interface to obtain the latest annotation notifications associated with your downloaded data.
For more information on TCGA user documentation, please refer to the following links:
We provide three main ways to download data:
Method Description Limitations
Data Matrix
Allows users to select and download subsets of data based on specific criteria including center, platform, and data type.

Access the Data Matrix Users Guide
The Data Matrix only provides the latest revision of each archive; older revisions are available through bulk download or HTTP access. Also, it does not allow for querying across multiple disease studies.
Bulk Download
Allows users to search and download archives of data as uploaded by the TCGA Centers.

Access the Bulk Download Users Guide

Access HTTP Directories

Allows users to access the HTTP directories where the data archives are stored.

Login is required for the Controlled-access HTTP Directory. See Controlled Access Requirements.