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User Guides and Help


  • Data Primer
    A detailed guide to understanding TCGA Data.
  • TCGA Encyclopedia
    This document is designed to provide contextual definitions and examples that will help explain key terms and concepts used with TCGA tools and documents.
  • User Guides
    This provides access to the TCGA User Guides for all our applications, web services, reports and dashboards including the Data Access Matrix.
  • FAQ
    This provides access to commonly asked questions and answers about data submission, data acquisition and all DCC applications.

Help for Research Centers Providing TCGA Data

  • Data Submission Overview
    This document is intended as a quick reference guide which outlines the requirements and basic steps for a submission to the DCC.
  • Data Submission Guide
    The Data Submission Guide highlights the ways in which data can be submitted and provides a step-by-step procedure for data submission centers (i.e. BCRs, GCCs, and GSCs) on the preparation, validation and submission of data archives to the DCC.

Contact NCICB Support

The National Cancer Institute Center for Bioinformatics (NCICB) provides help for the TCGA Data Portal and receives reports on data issues. Call or email your support request.


Local Phone:

Toll Free Phone:


When submitting support requests via email, please include:

  • your contact information
  • the name of the TCGA application/tool you were using
  • the URL of the page where you experienced the problem
  • a description of the problem and the steps to recreate it
  • the text of any error messages you received